Izumo sake brings people together over meals.



Brewing sake

All of our Sake are Hand-crafted

Fujishuzo always brews Izumofuji by connecting with nature and the five human senses. We believe that brewing sake through our unique sensibility can turn "delicious" into “tremendous.” We select the traditions we want to preserve, incorporate new technologies, and evolve day by day in pursuit of excellence.

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Culture in Izumo

Sake is a key to a Relationship with God

In Izumo, the birthplace of sake, we drink sake, and also offer it to the gods by using it for rituals such as weddings, funerals, and seasonal festivals. At these times, our sake can enter sacred rooms where people cannot usually go so we brew our sake with responsibility and pride.

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Passing the Rice Baton

Nearly all Izumofuji is made with locally grown rice from Shimane Prefecture. We strive to add the most value to the rice and support local farmers who have carried on working the fields from their ancestors. We brew their precious rice we received from them into Izumofuji and pass the baton to you.


Reflect Izumo Legends in our Sake with Hii River Water

The Hii River flows through the Izumo Plain. In the "Kojiki," an ancient book of Japanese legends, a mythical 8 headed dragon Yamata-no-orochi is an incarnation of the Hii River. The dragon was slain by warrior Susanoo-no-Mikoto when he found the dragon tipsy from drinking sake. Izumofuji is brewed with the soft well water of the Hii River along with its ancient myths.


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